Here is the key to a carefree holiday home in Mallorca!

We take care of your house or apartment when you are not here.

We make sure your home is taken care of all year around and in perfect condition before your visit.

We want to give you a personal service and can offer tailor made solutions for you, as well as for your guests.

We speak Swedish, Spanish and English.

Welcome to contact us.

Key Service

  • We can let in craftsmen or be there when furniture or other supplies are being delivered.
  • We can welcome your guests if you do not have the time or possibility yourself.

Cleaning & Laundry

  • We can take care of the laundry and the cleaning the property, including making beds and cleaning windows.
  • We also can arrange cleaning after moving or renovating.

Purchasing Service

  • We can purchase  all that a home may need, from a washing machine,to a vacuum cleaner, to curtains, etc.


  • We have a wide network of craftsmen.

Property Checks

  • We make sure everything is okay in your home. We air the property, we flush the toilets and run the faucets.
  • We make sure no taps or pipes are leaking. And that windows, shutters, and doors are closed properly.
  • We also take care of the mail.

Lillemor Robbins +34 693 76 70 20 lillemor.robbins@mrs-robbins.nu            


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